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Lausch – Love & Order

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Lausch unite elements of classical 90s rock, post rock and progressive to an unconventional and catchy alternative sound. Their previous work, which comprises five studio albums and a live EP, allows comparison with the spheric instrumental works of Long Distance Calling as well as the anthemic rock sound of Biffy Clyro. Edgy riffs and heavy hooks alternate with melodic fragility, intensity is followed by reduction, complexity and eagerness to experiment harmonize with straightforwardness. The stunning voice of frontman Alexander Lausch blends in with the band’s thrilling verses and emotive choruses like a missing puzzle piece. Especially live, the trio proves that it “brilliantly masters the advanced non-mainstream rock sound” (Michael Ternai, mica). Lausch themselves say about their music, “We challenge our listeners because we want to be challenged too. Our music is not for those who are looking for easy entertainment or copies, it is for those who seek new experiences and want to grow on what we create.”

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