Samstag 3. Juni 2023
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Decent Criminal / The Carolyn / Talk Me Off

18. Juni 2023 @ 16:30 - 17:00

Decent Criminal is abrasive love pop, cynical self reformed guitar rock, and barbershop surf punk from outside San Francisco. Brothers Tristan and Hunter Martinez are the burning center of a band that’s taken their 70’s glam and 90’s alternative upbringing to stages that welcome everything from 80’s hardcore to noise pop. They have and can play with anybody. 

Their 2019 album Bliss continued this progression and landed the band their first European tour. Bliss showed the band breaking away from the grungy remnants kept alive from their earlier days in punk bands. Despite being home to a couple of their fastest songs, Bliss is colored in jangly guitar riffs, pop structures and love songs that drift from nostalgia over leaving their lives back home, and the liberation felt in the process of finding a life beyond.  

„Eine wirklich neue Band sind Decent Criminal nicht. Wir hatten trotzdem noch nie von ihnen gehört und wollten jetzt, wo wir sie kennen, auch nicht länger ein Geheimnis aus ihnen machen. Die Kalifornier veröffentlichen am 19. Mai mit “There’s More To It Than Climbing” ihr viertes Album. Mit ihrem Sound platzieren sie sich – ähnlich wie die oben genannten – zwischen Surf, Garage und Indie Rock und poppigem Punk mit 90s-Alternative-Schlagseite. Erstmals war das auf dem namenlosen 2016er Debüt zu hören. Kürzlich zur Band hinzugestoßen ist Sängerin und Multiinstrumentalistin Paige Beller.“ Visions Magazin

The Carolyn is a three-piece indie punk band based out of Atlanta, GA. Founded in 2016 by vocalist/guitarist Andrew Patrick, the band consists of vocalist/bassist Oliver Vuley – Conlon and drummer David Mulazzi to round out the lineup. The band released their first EP in 2016 called “Keepsake” and followed up with their first full-length album, “This Will Begin to Make Things Right” in 2019. Tracks such as “Heavy Eyes” and “News” were placed on Spotify’s “New Punk Tracks” editorial playlists. The Carolyn supported the release, playing various cities around the southeast and opening up for the Swingin Utters, Brendan Kelly, Vinnie Caruana, and more. The band will release their second LP, “Rhythm of My Own Decay” on June 10, 2022.

Talk Me Off
from Richmond/USA play melodic Punk with a Garage edge! With both female and male Vocals this reminds of a fresh, snotty awesome version of The Ramones, The Runaways, Lillingtons, Radioactivity. Feel like nothing ever goes your way? Feel like you just can’t live up to expectations?… Cursed is emotionally-driven and tackles everything from hating life to telling religious idiots to keep their opinions to themselves. This album scratches the itch for the angsty teen hating their life all the way to the 30-something burned-out office drone wishing they weren’t required to wake up the next day.”

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18. Juni 2023
16:30 - 17:00
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