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Extreme Mother’s Day Gift

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Freestyle Motocross World Champion Luc Ackermann Surprises Mother with Tandem Backflip Jump

What do you gift your mother for Mother’s Day? It doesn’t always have to be flowers. Germany’s professional FMX rider Luc Ackermann (25) is giving his mother Melitta (55) a very special gift this year for Mother’s Day: They are the first mother-son duo in history to perform a tandem backflip on a freestyle motocross bike.

„The idea came from my mother herself, who has always wanted to do a backflip with me onto a real landing since her 50th birthday,“ says German FMX professional Luc Ackermann from Niederdorla in Thuringia, explaining how this special Mother’s Day gift came about. So, the X Games and FIM World Champion, along with his mother Melitta, fly together on Luc’s FMX bike, performing a backflip about eight meters high and 13 meters far above the ground, landing on an airbag. „That was the most exciting jump of my life,“ says Ackermann after the safe landing. „I’m super proud of my mom for doing it.“

Luc Ackermann from Germany poses for a portrait with his mother for Mothers Day Backflip at Niederorla, Germany on May 04, 2023. // © Thomas Dietze I Red Bull Content Pool.

Backflip instead of a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day

Melitta Ackermann runs a nursery in Mühlhausen together with Luc’s father, Dirk. Therefore, giving her a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day wouldn’t win her over. However, flying to great heights and doing backward somersaults are foreign to her, and she wanted to experience it for herself. Until now, she couldn’t even watch her son perform his breathtaking FMX stunts live. „I don’t like watching,“ confesses Melitta. „I can only look when the event is over, and I know nothing has happened!“

Trust in her own son is greater than nervousness

Luc was surprised when his mother expressed this extraordinary wish. In preparation for the unique jump, which Luc has already done thousands of times and therefore mastered in his sleep, he attaches specially made footrests to his bike. They provide additional support and stability for the passenger in the air. „Before the first jump […] I noticed that my mom was extremely nervous,“ Ackermann says. „But she trusted me.“

„It was an incredible experience – I wouldn’t do it again, though. But I realized that Luc had everything under control at all times,“ says mother Melitta Ackermann after a successful landing.

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