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PAIN announce new album „I Am“ for May 17th

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Today PAIN announce their highly anticipated new album „I Am“, which will be released on May 17th via Nuclear Blast Records. With the first single ‚Go With The Flow‘, Swedish industrial project PAIN set the tone for their upcoming 9th album, „I Am“. Accompanied by a high-quality video featuring actor Peter Stormare (Palme d’Or awarded Dancer in the Dark, Fargo, Prison Break, The Big Lebowski) and Peter Tägtgren, PAIN makes a triumphant return.

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About PAIN:
It’s 2021 and a pandemic is strangling the world – and no one seems to be having fun. Seemingly tireless music freak Peter Tägtgren couldn’t care less as he hits the jackpot with – pardon the harsh language – a fucking catchy… well, party anthem. We are of course talking about the song ‘Party in My Head’ by Tägtgren’s synth-infused metal project PAIN.

„I don’t really know what it is about ‘Party in My Head’ that made – still makes – people go crazy for it… But what I do know for sure is that the song has already been enjoyed millions and millions of times. The numbers are pretty crazy! Of course, PAIN is no stranger to writing danceable and catchy, albeit metallic shit… It’s always been in the DNA of this project. But let’s face it: if the world really needs ‚party anthems‘ from a cynical geezer like me, something’s seriously wrong“, Peter laughs.

Our beloved planet may be screwed, but there still doesn’t seem to be much wrong in PAIN’s world as 2024 ticks fast on the calendar. There simply can’t be, because PAIN’s eagerly awaited new studio album ‚I Am‘ is soon here – yes, after eight years of devoted waiting.

The powerful-sounding I Am is truly a versatile – if not the most versatile – musical missile in PAIN’s rich discography. The new songs go everywhere with heavy industrial riffs, haunting melancholic vibes and groove-filled rhythms – without forgetting surprises, of course. „There’s no boundaries with PAIN. I just get an interesting idea for a song and along the way it can turn into anything. Sometimes I also like to deliberately surprise people by following an exciting musical path where unexpected things happen“, Peter describes.

“‘I Am’ is also more of a family affair than ever before. My son Sebastian – also a PAIN drummer – wrote the music of ‘Revolution’ and ‘Don’t Wake the Dead’. These absorbing songs add width to an already versatile album. All in all, completing “I Am” required a lot of composing, writing, thinking, experimenting, doing and re-doing. It was a long and sometimes challenging process, but never painful!“

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