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FURIOUS MONKEY HOUSE release „In The Void“


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FURIOUS MONKEY HOUSE, the amazingly young band from Pontevedra (Spain), led by five students from a music school and their teacher, is premiering their brand new single „In The Void“. This is the first preview of what will be their new studio album, “Oneiric”, which will be released on March 17 via Esmerarte Industrias Creativas.

The album will be available physically on smoke marbled colored vinyl. The pre-sale is already available exclusively on La Casa del Disco and you can get your copy now by clicking here: 

„In The Void“ is a song that talks about escaping from the real world and the need to go beyond.

In the words of the band’s lead singer, Mariña Paz: „Sometimes life is very overwhelming and difficult to handle, so we prefer to avoid living it than to face it directly.“

Produced by Iago Lorenzo and the group’s bassist, Gonzalo Maceira, the reverb takes center stage as a representation of the void.

You can now listen to „In The Void“ on your favorite streaming platform through this link:

In addition, this preview is accompanied by an official video directed by Alberto Castaño that you can watch by clicking here:

Mariña has said the following about the audiovisual piece: „The initial idea for the video clip was mine, I imagined us living in a cabin in the woods following the line of the wild, which has always characterized us. I wanted to tell the story of how the monkey leaves without giving too much explanation, which symbolizes our coming of age. We have to take care of ourselves, make music on our own. The escape of the monkey is the farewell to innocence. The video could not have been possible without the help of Alberto Castaño and Chano Santiago, who finished developing the idea until it became this final product.“

About Furious Monkey House:
It seems that the new generations can no longer wait. They need to express misunderstanding, tiredness, fear, and above all, the desire for change. Furious Monkey House contributes to the current musical renewal, with an eclectic style and a desire for a sound expansion.

In the eight years of the project’s life, the band has forged its stylistic identity on fire: the one that manages to go beyond trends and pay homage to a guitar rock that goes from grunge to alternative pop, with nods reminiscent of Pixies, Radiohead, Tame Impala, Deftones, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Portishead and PJ Harvey, among others, but who also manages to project their own watermarks.

After the success achieved with their debut album “RUN” (2015) and their follow up “Love, Scum & Dust” (2019/ Universal Music Spain), this sextet from Pontevedra led by five musicians and their music teacher, returns in 2023 with what will be his third long duration “Oneiric”.

Their new work represents a great leap in all aspects: the band takes denser and darker textures, loaded with samples, synthesizers and reverb complemented by catchy melodies, sometimes energetic and other desperate.

It is a high-quality indie rock that will not go unnoticed in 2023. A soundtrack proposal to accompany feelings such as emptiness or dissatisfaction of the new generations. Furious Monkey are no longer children and they more than show it to us with this new “Oneiric”.

Line up:
Mariña Paz- Voice
Carlota Montoya- Drums
Diego Flores- Guitar
Irene Teijeira- Guitar
Amaya Blanco -Keyboards and synths
Gonzalo Maceira- Bass, guitar

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