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FURIOUS MONKEY HOUSE release today, their third studio album ONEIRIC

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The Galician indie rock sextet Furious Monkey House premieres today, March 17th, their new and third studio album, Oneiric, under the record label, Esmerarte Industrias Creativas.

As a celebration, the band offers us a lyric video of the focus track of the album (Gold chain), made by RCV Visual Studio. You can now watch here:

In the words of the band’s lead singer and guitarist, Mariña Paz: “Gold Chain talks about our vision of art and music, the things that represent us and the things that don’t. How insecurity can lead people to put on a mask and decide to be who they are not. It also talks about honesty and being true to yourself. To put your foot down and choose a more difficult but better path for you. In the end, a gold chain means nothing…”

The album will be available physically on smoke marbled colored vinyl. Due to unforeseen circumstances deliveries will not start until the end of April. 

Oneiric is brimming with sound tones and unites different styles: from the 90’s rock that is already a brand of the house to a synth pop that renews the sound of Furious Monkey House. Synthesizers are more protagonists than ever, but the Galicians don’t neglect the guitar slams that are well reflected in songs like Fall Again or Staying in the Sun.

The album is inspired by artists like: FKA Twigs, Telefon Tel Aviv, The Cure, Tame Impala, Björk, Sonic Youth and Portishead. The boys say goodbye to their childhood on this album, setting to a well-defined maturity, full of denser and darker textures.

The band’s lead singer and guitarist, Mariña Paz has said the following about the new LP: 
“Oneiric is the result of our experiences and concerns over the last three years. Our comings and goings, our conversations about the future and about the things that unite us as a band and as friends. It is special because it is probably the most honest and the one that represents us the most at this point in our lives. We accept the long road that we still have to travel, we stumble, doubt, feel alone or lost, we look around us and try to make the trip as pleasant as possible.”

Gonzalo Maceira, bassist of the group, has also commented the following about Oneiric: “Oneiric means to break, to start but to continue and evolve. After living through an uncertain time in which, after going through a moment of slowdown, pandemic uncertainty… It seemed that we turned off and believed that this whole adventure would end like the children’s band and their music teacher. Well, suddenly a new energy arrived, converted into a desire to get back together, to believe in ourselves once more, to love and innovate, to reveal ourselves capable and see that in reality all this time, we had grown during and in the same way we had made our way of making music and ultimately, our way of communicating and expressing ourselves with the world and conveying our vision of life and our emotion. Oneiric is more than ever ourselves and the path that has united us since February 2014 when we first got together to create a band that we dreamed of creating when we started playing mini-pixies.”

Oneiric’s production was made by Iago Lorenzo together with the group’s bassist, Gonzalo Maceira, and the reverb is the protagonist of this LP since it is interpreted as a representation of the void.
The artistic work has been done by Luciano Santiago.

Album tracklist, ‘Oneiric’:
01. In the Void
02. Staying in the Sun
03. Levitate
04. Gold Chain
05. Mesmerism
06. Visions
07. Shapeshifting
08. Like a Bullet
09. Fall Again
10. Going Slow
11. Moonstruck

About Furious Monkey House:
It seems that the new generations can no longer wait. They need to express misunderstanding, tiredness, fear, and above all, the desire for change. Furious Monkey House contributes to the current musical renewal, with an eclectic style and a desire for a sound expansion.

In the eight years of the project’s life, the band has forged its stylistic identity on fire: the one that manages to go beyond trends and pay homage to a guitar rock that goes from grunge to alternative pop, with nods reminiscent of Pixies, Radiohead, Tame Impala, Deftones, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Portishead and PJ Harvey, among others, but who also manages to project their own watermarks.

After the success achieved with their debut album “RUN” (2015) and their follow up “Love, Scum & Dust” (2019/ Universal Music Spain), this sextet from Pontevedra led by five musicians and their music teacher, returns in 2023 with what will be his third long duration “Oneiric”.

Their new work represents a great leap in all aspects: the band takes denser and darker textures, loaded with samples, synthesizers and reverb complemented by catchy melodies, sometimes energetic and other desperate.

It is a high-quality indie rock that will not go unnoticed in 2023. A soundtrack proposal to accompany feelings such as emptiness or dissatisfaction of the new generations. Furious Monkey are no longer children and they more than show it to us with this new “Oneiric”.

Line up:
Mariña Paz- Voice
Carlota Montoya- Drums
Diego Flores- Guitar
Irene Teijeira- Guitar
Amaya Blanco- Keyboards and synths
Gonzalo Maceira- Bass, guitar

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