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LANCER – Tempest

Genre: Metal

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Swedish Heavy Metal commando LANCER have completed the recordings on their fourth, new studio album “Tempest” and signed a new record deal with the new German label Fireflash Records (MEZZROW, TAILGUNNER, HOLY MOSES and others), who will release the album worldwide on August 11th, 2023. „Tempest“was recorded by the band and Anders Backelin (LORD BELIAL a.o.) at “Armageddon Recordings Studio”, who also mixed and mastered the album along with guitarist Per-Owe Solvelius, who was the main producer of “Tempest”. “It is heavy, it is dramatic and it is a new direction for Lancer’, reveals new vocalist Jack L. Stroem.

„I can’t believe it’s been six years since last time we released an album“, says guitarist Fredrik Kelemen and adds: „But with the line-up changes, the pandemic and the intention of making „Tempest“ a great comeback album, we let it take its time. We have developed our sound, it’s a bit darker, especially lyrically. Production-wise, more dynamic and gritty. A bigger picture of sound, with elements we have never used before.

The cover artwork was created by Dimitar Nikolov, who did artworks for ROSS THE BOSS, METAL INQUISITOR, BLIZZEN a.o. in the past. „We wanted the artwork of the cover to symbolize this change, with the devastating storm drawing in with the wasteland it creates. We have been known for using birds on our previous album covers, so the demon raven of „Tempest“ seemed only natural, and the title is just a more epic and stronger word for storm, in my opinion. Overall I want to use the most well-known cliche of all time: this is the best album we have done so far! And it’s totally true, all jokes aside. We are absolutely thrilled to release it to the world!“

LANCER invaded the metal scene in the spring of 2012 with their debut EP “Purple Sky”. The EP got a warm welcome from all around the world and gave the band a record deal with the Swedish label Doolittle Group AB, owned by the famous metal vocalist Christian Liljegren (NARNIA), and they also signed a deal with Japanese label King Records at this time.
 In early 2013, LANCER’s self-titled debut album was released worldwide. Produced by Tommy Johansson (SABATON, MAJESTICA) and Ronny Milianowicz (SHADOWQUEST, ex-DIONYSUS), “Lancer” received great reviews from all around the world, including “Sweden Rock Magazine”, naming the band “a new hope for European power metal”.

LANCER’s sophomore album “Second Storm” was a lesson in melodic metal and followed a long tradition of outstanding Swedish metal bands, like HAMMERFALL, MORGANA LEFAY, DREAM EVIL, TAD MOROSE and many more. The album was recorded in the famous “Leon Music Studios” with producer Gustav Ydenius(ENFORCER, SISTER SIN a.o.). Being released on Despotz Records in April 2015, ”Second Storm” earned amazing reviews from metal press all over the world, naming the band “future successors to the throne of melodic metal”. During the fall of 2015 LANCER joined German power metal band FREEDOM CALL as support act on tour and received a fantastic reception from the fans!
 When LANCER announced that they would start the recordings of their third album in summer 2016, the renowned German metal label Nuclear Blast Recordsreached out to the band, and a new record deal was signed. LANCER entered “Leon Music Studios” once more with producer Gustav Ydenius. This time the band chose to let the world famous mastering engineer Miro Rodenberg (AVANTASIA, RHAPSODY, KAMELOT) of “Gate Studio” in Wolfsburg/Germany, master the album. Following the signing to Nuclear BlastLANCER went to Japan for the first time and performed at a sold-out show at the “Astro Hall” in Tokyo. The third album “Mastery” was released worldwide in January 2017, and the band immediately embarked on a European tour supporting HAMMEFALL and GLORYHAMMER. Back home, LANCER made their debut at renowned “Sabaton Open Air” festival, before singer Isak Stenvall and drummer Sebastian Pederneraannounced their departures from the band.

After recruiting singer Jack L. Stroem (VANDOR) and drummer Pontus AndrénLANCER’s line-up is yet again complete and stronger than ever! ”Finding both Jack and Pontus seems like a one-in-a-million hit! Jack with his powerful and diverse voice, and Pontus’ technical brilliance and groove made them a perfect fit for the band”, comments Fredrik about the new members. ”Words cannot describe how excited I am to unveil the music on the new album, my Lancer brethren have pushed my abilities as a singer tenfold and I am so happy with the end result”, says Jack and his new bandmate Pontus sums it up: „It feels great to be part of this next chapter for Lancer. “Tempest” is an exciting new direction for the band, while it still keeps some of the elements of the old material which I love.”

„Tempest“ will be released on August 11th, 2023, be prepared for a powerful metal strike – made in Sweden!

 Jack L. Stroem – Vocals
 Per-Owe „Ewo“ Solvelius – Guitar
 Fredrik Kelemen – Guitar
 Emil Öberg – Bass
 Pontus Andrén – Drums

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 Instagram @lancermetal
 Twitter @lancermetal
 YouTube @fireflashrecords
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