Mittwoch 17. April 2024

ROYAL REPUBLIC loudly presents: The LoveCop Tour!

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Today, Royal Republic are releasing tickets for a list of some of their favourite cities and venues to play. No, your eyes do not deceive you! They’ll play some of these places twice. Tickets are on sale now – you can find them here.

The band comments:
The last tour left a lot of fans disappointed, not because it sucked, but because they waited too long with buying tickets and therefore couldn’t see the show. We, the band, hate disappointing fans almost as much as we love playing sold out shows, so we advise you to get your ticket sooner, rather than too late.
If there’s one thing we like more than playing a sold out show: It’s playing two sold out shows!
And if there’s one thing we like more than both of those two things:
– it’s money.

So with the ticket-release we have a number of different bundles to encourage you all to buy more tickets.
To make the bundles even more attractive, we’ve included super-exclusive Royal Republic-themed playing cards to spice up your poker nights. These cards are only available in the VIP package… So if you only wanted the cards but didn’t want to go see one of the best live shows in the world, we apologise for the inconvenience. You like cards, we like money.
We look forward to seeing you all out there!
My House es su casa!
On fire… and we like it like that!“

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LoveCop Tour 2024
09.11.24 – DE – Wiesbaden (Schlachthof)
10.11.24 – DE – Wiesbaden (Schlachthof)
21.11.24 – DE – Munich (Zenith)
22.11.24 – DE – Leipzig (Haus Auensee)
23.11.24 – DE – Berlin (Ufo im Velodrom)
29.11.24 – DE – Köln (Palladium)

30.11.24 – CH – Zurich (Komplex457)
06.12.24 – NL – Amsterdam (Melkweg Oz)
07.12.24 – NL – Amsterdam (Melkweg Max)
12.12.24 – DE – Hamburg (Grosse Freiheit)
13.12.24 – DE – Hamburg (Grosse Freiheit)

14.12.24 – BE – St Niklaas (De Casino)

EVENTIM Ticketshop

Royal Republic – Festivals 2024
31.05.24 – DE – Gifhorn (Unser Aller Festival)
01.06.24 – FR – Toul (Le Jardin du Michel)
07.06.24 – DE – Nürnberg (Rock im Park)
08.06.24 – DE – Nürburgring (Rock am Ring)
12-15.06.24 – CZ – Hradec Králové (Rock For People)
16.06.24 – UK – Castle Donington (Download Festival)
12.07.24 – FR – La Ville d’Eu (Le Murmure du Son)
18.07.24 – CH – Sion (Sous les Étoiles)
19.07.24 – FR – Ambert (World Festival)
21.07.24 – FR – Saint-Nazaire (Les Escales de Saint Nazaire)
03.08.24 – FI – Pori (Porispere Festival)
09.-10.08.24 – PL – Gdańsk (Rockowizna Festival)
16.08.24 – CH – Ennetmoos (Teffli-Rally)
22.-24.08.24 – PL – Poznań (Rockowizna Festival)
24.08.24 – DE – Nordhorn (Seventyfive Festival)
30.-31.08.24 – PL – Kraków (Rockowizna Festival)

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