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FELIN release new album “Whatever” – out today!

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Swedish punk rock artist FELIN creates connections between sound and visual concepts, constantly exploring how these two worlds collide. Behind the name FELIN stands Elin Blom, a songwriter and producer who previously have worked with the likes of Adam Lambert. Elin is also a touring musician who has performed with artists such as Swedish pop stars Icona Pop, Agnes and mighty rockers Thundermother.

From her childhood piano lessons to forming a band as a teenager, Blom has decades of writing experience. The Blondie records her dad played for her remain a seminal source of inspiration, as is the irrepressible style and performances of Debbie Harry.

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Growing up in rural Finland, her artistic journey eventually led her to Los Angeles, via Stockholm, Sweden. As FELIN she combines pop melodies with a punk rock energy and has performed on the German tv show Rockpalast, as well as festivals around Europe – including The Great Escape, Way Out West and Liverpool Soundcity. Recently she has supported Royal Republic on their tour across Sweden and also opened for Normandie in Stockholm.

FELIN is a strong advocate for equality, a recurring theme clearly heard in her music. She blends strong lyrical and musical ideas with visuals meant to evoke an equally strong reaction.

In 2023 FELIN released the singles “STFU (Shut The F**k Up)”, “Sick” and “Worst Regret”. The latter made its way onto playlists such as Spotify’s New Music Friday and Made in Sweden. “Worst Regret” was also on A-rotation on the Swedish radio channel Pirate Rock and “STFU (Shut the F**K Up)” has been aired on national radio in Sweden. In February 2024, FELIN followed up the success by releasing „Don’t Tell Me What To Do“, a feminist party anthem with a powerful arena chorus.

All songs are included on the upcoming album „Whatever“, which will be released on May 24th, 2024. The album marks FELIN’s third full-length release and contains a total of nine songs, including „Rather Go To Hell“ feat. Filippa Nässil from Thundermother and the title track “Whatever” (feat. 2 Far Out).

FELIN comment, “The album ‘Whatever’ revolves around themes such as breakups (‘Worst Regret’), destructive relationships (‘Sick’, ‘Whatever’) and revenge (‘Tightrope’), but also larger societal themes such as lgbtq+ rights and equality (‘Rather Go To Hell’, ‘Personal’,’ Don’t Tell Me What To D’o). It also explores the pressure placed on women in today’s social climate (‘Screw it’, ‘Shut The F**k Up’).

Even though some of the themes are of the heavier kind, this album was very much about finding my way back to having fun while doing music and having fun while creating. You know, get back to that feeling I had when I started my first band and it was all about the music, before everything got so serious and became more about everything else but the actual music. It was about getting back to that feeling I had when I was just a girl in a very small village, rehearsing in my parents basement, feeling so very out of place, but dreaming that one day I would make it to the big stage in the big city.

So this album is for all the misfits who never felt like they belonged. Play it loud. Scream your lungs out. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what to do or who to be. Be you. Cuz no one lives forever. But hey, whatever, let’s just have a freaking good time while we’re here and hopefully we leave the world a little better than when we found it.”

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