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Lithuania’s Capital of Modernism


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Lithuania’s Capital of Modernism: New Interwar Architecture Museum Opens in Kaunas

In 2023, an authentic interwar apartment, built in 1928 in the style of the Amsterdam school, is officially reopening as a museum in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city. The museum’s rich heritage — from its Jewish legacy to an appearance on HBO’s hit series Chernobyl — is highlighted during interactive tours.

On the 5th of January, Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city, will become home to a new museum — an authentic apartment from 1928, built in the style of the Amsterdam school of architecture. 

A haven for fans of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, the façades of this building are characterized by a unique softness and angle of curvature, as well as segmented windows and sculptures. 

“Our museum displays interwar Art Deco and Amsterdam School-style furniture, which will also be available to try out during guided tours. During them, we also analyze the apartment’s bold color and expressive sculptures using Queer theory and highlight the painful stories of former Jewish inhabitants that lived here during the Holocaust,” said the owners.

Visitors to the museum will also have the chance to learn about the environmentally friendly methods used in the restoration of this interior, to contrast the restored apartment’s present condition with photos from the post-communal era, or to contrast it with photos taken while Chernobyl, the critically-acclaimed HBO series, was being filmed there.

Kaunas — Lithuania’s Art Deco capital

Art Deco and interwar architecture in Lithuania is a unique and fascinating aspect of the country’s cultural history. During the interwar period, Lithuania experienced a boom in construction, resulting in the erection of numerous Art deco and interwar style buildings throughout the country.

One city in particular that is home to a significant number of these buildings is Kaunas. Some of the most notable art deco and interwar style buildings in Kaunas include the Kaunas State Musical Theatre, the Kaunas Central Post Office, and the M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum. These buildings, along with many others, are notable for their unique and ornate designs, which feature geometric shapes, curved lines, and striking shapes.

As a result of its abundance of art deco and interwar style buildings, Kaunas has been recognized as a city of architectural heritage by UNESCO. This designation serves as a testament to the cultural significance of these buildings, and as a reminder of the important role that architecture plays in shaping the identity and character of a city. For those interested in exploring the art deco and interwar architecture of Kaunas, the city offers a number of guided tours that provide an in-depth look at the city’s rich modernist heritage. 


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