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Move beyond societal pressures with NOT A TOY’s latest futuristic, hip-hop inspired single, „Gutter Kid“

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Following their summer hit “BAD MOOD,” alternative collective NOT A TOY has released “Gutter Kid” across all streaming services. In part influenced by the band’s mutual love for the Netflix series Arcane League of Legends, the “Gutter Kid” storyline takes place in a dystopian future where our rebel beats to their own path. A track for the outliers of society who have been marginalized, “Gutter Kid” is the cinematic soundtrack for those who don’t quite belong.

“‘Gutter Kid’ is my baby, it’s the only song in this next body of music that was entirely written in one day. I was super inspired by the show Arcane League of Legends; the animation style, color palette, soundtrack, and storyline begged for a NOT A TOY theme song. I put the show on the tv in the studio on mute in the morning. By midnight, „Gutter Kid“ was born. Then Jeremy [Marmor] replaced one of my sloppy guitar parts with a sick new lead line and TJ [Wessel] added some crazy distorted violin. 
– Branson Hoog, lead vocalist of NOT A TOY

In the outer layer of the track’s production, the grunge-influence and string distortions add to the futuristic and melancholy feel of NOT A TOY’s latest single. Most importantly, these experimental production choices so fittingly compliment the underdog story that listeners can universally relate to, and feel empowered by after a single listen. “Gutter Kid” further proves that the collective’s self-described genre-less sound continues to make an impact on listeners everywhere ​​—  tying in film and other mediums to create an otherworldly mix. 

‘Gutter Kid,’ similar to Arcane, is about a kid who grew up in the underbelly of a futuristic society fighting against their oppressors. The song feels like the soundtrack to a fight scene – sprinkled with samples of bullet shells hitting the floor, cars screeching, and cinematic violin shrills. The fast-paced tempo paired with aggressive high pitched lyricism feels as legendary as the storyline.” 
– Branson Hoog, lead vocalist of NOT A TOY

A diverse assemblage of four creative artists whose ambitious music cross-pollinates bedroom pop, emotional melodies, aggressive rock, and trap, NOT A TOY is both band and collective.
Branson HoogBenji SpolianskyJeremy Marmor, and TJ Wessel are all beatmakers and producers. Art shows, tattoo culture, and streetwear are all part of their creative identity. These four high-school friends cut their teeth skateboarding, breakdancing, and playing punk and emo gigs in Colorado.
Bandwagon Magazine declared the group’s self-titled debut EP “as bombastic as it is fearless.”
Haunted Publications called them nothing less than “a look into the future of music.”
And NOT A TOY is just getting started.
Be sure to listen to “Gutter Kid” across streaming services via Fearless Records.

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