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THE OFFERING launches emotionally-charged new video for „My Heroine“

Genre: Metal

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Last week (November 4th), The Offering released their sophomore album, Seeing the Elephant, via Century Media Records. For a preview of the record, a video for the new single „My Heroine“ – a tragic love song that utilizes huge metal riffs, atmospheric eastern Indian rhythms and melodies, power chorus rock vocals and classic guitar solos – can be viewed here.

„My Heroine“ was directed by the band’s own Nishad George (guitar), who commented on the clip as follows: „The band and I have always wanted to have a music video with something more cinematic.  James (co-director, and director of our other recent video, „WASP“) and I ended up concluding that we as the musicians would just be B-roll over great acting. There’s a beautiful, personal, colorfully written story told in Alex’s lyrics, and we spent a lot of time together dissecting his concept and how to best display it.  

The result was something more of a sensory driven visualizer, like a screen that runs in parallel with the music’s emotion. We had two great actors come in and get into the dirt of all the emotions, blood, crying, anxiety – they did a phenomenal job.  The entire crew even got a little teary watching them act out the final scene of the video together.“

Alexander Richichi (vocals) adds: „‚My Heroine‘ is an archetypal tale of love and tragedy. Set in the backdrop of today’s stresses and temptations. When we lose the ones we love, what else do we have to live for? This song explores that kind of dependency, that pain, that need for love, and the reality of losing it.“

On Seeing the Elephant,The Offering has constructed a new framework from past work with the help of mixer Zach Weeks (Kvelertak, The Armed) at Salem, Massachusetts‘ renowned God City Studios. The resulting 10 tracks are rich, adventurous, and heartfelt. Conceived during the chaos of the 2020 protests and the ensuing warzone of cultural upheaval, Seeing the Elephant is a challenging (but ultimately rewarding) record for extreme times.

„With a second modern metal masterpiece under its belt, The Offering has established itself as one of the most exciting bands in heavy music, period.“ – Angry Metal Guy

‚Seeing the Elephant‘ refines just about everything from the band’s fascinating debut album and brings together a cohesive sound that owes as much to nü and groove metal as it does death and progressive metal.“ – Metal Sucks

„While The Offering does live under the metalcore umbrella, they definitely stray outside that marker quite a bit. A hefty amount of groove, zero shortage of energy and political commentary mixed with tongue-in-cheek humor make this album one of the most enthusiastic albums of the year.“ – Knotfest

„Technically flawless, ‚Seeing the Elephant‘ provides further evidence that The Offering are now a band to be taken seriously, if you hadn’t already. They blend their technical prowess with a heaviness that is often crushing in weight.“ – Metal Talk

„[The Offering is] a band that is stylistically a challenge to package neatly under any sort of pre-established subgenre tag, which is definitely a good thing for any artist. The Offering have some progressive sensibilities, shifting from shimmering, clean-toned passages to more aggressive and weighty parts, each accented by clean or harsh vocals – but not in the formulaic metalcore way.“ – Loudwire

The Offering are (left to right in the above photo):Alexander Richichi – vocals
Nishad George – guitar
Spencer Metela – bass
Steve Finn – drums

The Offering online:

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