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Saturday 9th September



Monday 4th – Saturday 9th September


●   Brand new annual music festival arrives in Camden, the home of music

●     Music Walk Of Fame Stones will be unveiled in star-studded ceremonies as part of the festival with many guest unveilers from the world of entertainment

●     Fans can win competitions to attend unveilings, tickets for gigs and other exclusive prizes

London’s prestigious Music Walk of Fame (MWOF) today reveals that it will be awarding 11 more music icons from 4th – 9th September, with a stone on the Camden based trail that honours artists and trailblazers from around the globe, from all era’s, all genres and ages. This year’s recipients will be Janis Joplin, Harvey Goldsmith CBE, UB40, Gordon Mac (Founder Of Kiss FM), Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, The Sugarhill Gang, Eddy Grant, Buzzcocks, Billy Bragg, Shalamar and The Kinks.

On Saturday 9th September, the final day of the stone unveilings, the Music Walk of Fame launches the new annual Camden Music Festival, the free all day event which will see parts of Camden High Street play host to an entire day of live entertainment and music.  

The CMF main stage on Hawley Crescent, supported by the Music Venue Trust, will welcome Buzzcocks, Billy Bragg, Shalamar, Jazzie B (Founder of Soul II Soul),  Rusty Egan (Blitz Music Machine) plus special guests. On Camden High Street, there will be a sound system hosting DJs throughout the day. This will be programmed by Mi-Soul Radio and is supported by NTIA.

In future years, the Camden Music Festival will be expanded to the rest of the borough to include Granary Square, Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath, Denmark Street, and Camden High Street, spread out over three days to include all venues, making this inclusive to all local businesses and the local community.

Launched in 2019, the Music Walk Of Fame unveils Award Stones, embedded in the pavements of the iconic Camden square mile which come to life with AR technology. The stones will honour artists and other important pioneering figures in music. 

Previous inductees include The Who, followed by Madness, Soul II Soul, Amy Winehouse and David Bowie.  The inductions are accompanied by a red carpet ceremony with artists, friends and family present and fans lining the streets to celebrate these icons. The unveilings to-date have received global coverage across all networks.

From September 4th to 9th, a plethora of new inductees will be honoured:

The Music Walk of Fame – September unveilings:

Monday 4thJanis Joplin remains among the most distinctive, galvanising artists and singers in modern history. During her all-too-short time in the spotlight, she forged a lasting musical legacy both in the studio and on stage. She will be the first American artist to be celebrated on the Music Walk of Fame.

Janis is followed by key UK live music legendary promoter, Harvey Goldsmith CBE. Also to be honoured, and celebrating their 45th anniversary, are legendary reggae-influenced superstars UB40. Hailing from Birmingham they have sold over 70 million albums worldwide.

Tuesday 5th – The duo who were instrumental during the formation of Kiss FM as a pirate radio station, Gordon Mac and DJ Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson are to be honoured. Paul Anderson pioneered soul club nights in the 1980s before introducing House music to the UK. Lifelong friends of Kiss FM founder Gordon Mac, the two established Kiss as London’s biggest radio station, and Britain’s first dance music station.

Wednesday 6th – Celebrating Hip Hop’s 50th year, The Sugarhill Gang are  recognised as true pioneers. Their immortal ‘Rapper’s Delight’ was the first rap single to be a top 40 hit in the Billboard chart.

Thursday 7th – Celebrating his 75th year, Eddy Grant is given the recognition he so deserves. The British singer songwriter began pioneering multi-racial British group The Equals in the 1960s, before finding solo success, including Electric Avenue, a response to the 1981 Brixton riots and becoming a vital black British voice.  He was also responsible for helping secure the release of Nelson Mandela with seminal hit “Give Me Hope Joanna”.

Friday 8th – Punk band Buzzcocks are awarded their stone for their extraordinary career and influence. And a stalwart of British musical and public life. The Kinks are also to be honoured during their 60th anniversary year, an integral British rock band formed in the 1960s, known for their influential hits like „You Really Got Me“ and „Lola,“ with Ray Davies as the frontman and primary songwriter.

Saturday 9th – Stalwart of British musical and public life, Billy Bragg will receive his own award for his 40 year career as a singer songwriter and activist. As a founder of Red Wedge, a collective of musicians, he galvanised the UK youth with the policies of the Labour Party, as a voice against the Conservative Leader, Maggie Thatcher.

US R&B legends, Shalamar complete the line up. Their dance hits soundtrack generations – ‘Take That to the Bank’, ‘Make That Move’,  ‘The Second Time Around’, ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’ to name just a few – and they also brought moonwalking and body popping to the UK via a famous Top Of The Pops appearance.

The Music Walk of Fame was founded by Lee Bennett and launched by honouring The Who.  Since then, stones have been laid for Amy Winehouse, Madness ,Soul II Soul and David Bowie. Based in Camden the trail aims to recognise all that is great in music and celebrates music’s contribution to culture, society and the lives of people from all around the world.  The walk is set to feature hundreds of artists and personalities, spanning the entire length of pavement from Chalk Farm, all the way to Mornington Crescent. The trail is deemed not only as a cultural attraction and celebration, but also a virtual museum due to the use of AR technology to access artwork, videos and music through the stones. The aim is for the Music Walk of Fame stones to become the highest accolade in music worldwide. 

Lee Bennett, Founder of The Music Walk of Fame says, “I’m very excited that once again we’ll be progressing the project to a new level of integration and fan engagement by incorporating what will become an annual borough-wide festival utilising all the venues and open spaces that the London borough of Camden has to offer.

It is a really special moment to see our sister being recognized by the Music Walk Of Fame. Janis’s music resonated with a generation hungry for authenticity. Her legacy is a reminder that vulnerability can be a source of strength, and her voice continues to inspire countless others to embrace their true selves. At moments like this, it’s a pleasure to see her legacy being honored in this way.“ – Laura and Michael Joplin

Eddy Grant says, „It will be great to be back in Camden, where I grew up.  To be honoured with a stone plaque which will be laid in the street where I walked, rode and drove from childhood to manhood.  

 It is especially satisfying to be receiving this honour in 2023, the year of my 75th birthday and the 40th anniversary of my ground-breaking album Killer on the Rampage.

My grandmother, who gave me all my sensibilities after coming out of the womb, always told me that when someone gives you something and it’s something good the most important thing to say is thank you.

What Is The Music Walk of Fame?

The Music Walk of Fame will be a cultural monument which recognises all that is great in music and celebrates music’s contribution to culture, society and the lives of people from all around the world. It will honour artists, creators, executives, media, technology and celebrate world-changing moments in music, from global legends and influential contemporary artists to the unsung heroes, technological breakthroughs and industry figures whose ingenuity and passion have changed the face of popular culture today.

How does it work?

In its most literal sense Music Walk of Fame is a series of stones laid into the very heart of London in Camden’s world-famous High Street, like an indelible tattoo.

However, The Music Walk of Fame is so much more than this, it will live and breathe through ongoing music and cultural events in Camden and beyond; in the Music Walk of Fame community outreach and via their cutting edge AR technology, a first of its kind that will turn the streets of Camden into a Museum that anyone can access through their mobile device. The Music Walk of Fame will provide a platform for musicians and every part of the music industry as well as providing a launching point for global conversations in the media and with music fans around the world.

The aim is for the Music Walk of Fame stones to become the highest accolade in music worldwide.

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